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For Orbital's expert Event Communications team, handling demanding events and solving communications challenges are our forte! We provide event communications across all levels of a production team's requirements, from stage management, site security, blue light services, broadcasting facilities and much more.

Our expertise in integrating advanced technologies ensures seamless communications, no matter how large the site area or how many sites are involved. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

What we do

We hire managed communications systems solution exactly tailored to your requirements that can include;


A safe pair of hands

Orbital Event Communications provides a totally integrated communications solution and infrastructure for all manner of events, not just concerts and festivals, but sporting and cultural events, award ceremonies - anything where large numbers of people need to communicate safely and cohesively.


Event Communications provides seamless integration right across all disciplines - from stage management, emergency services and site security, to broadcasters, OB, extending to multiple sites and even trains and planes with a strong emphasis on improving public safety by providing a robust solution in times of emergency.