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Distribution & Engineering Assistant »

We are looking for a Distribution and Engineering Assistant to start their career in this exciting industry.

Working in our main warehouse in Brixton you would be fulfilling general warehouse duties, receiving & testing hire stock and helping build sound systems under the guidance of our engineers.

Additional on-site work will be required assisting with (amongst other things) fit ups and get outs but the main hours of work will be based in South London; Monday to Friday 9.30am-6pm plus one Saturday per month.

If you have passion for the audio industry and are a hard working person who is prepared to learn and go the extra mile, this might be a great opportunity for you.

Full UK driving licence required.

To apply please click on the link above.

Motivated Graduates wanted »

What makes this role unique?
Turn your passion into your career.

Orbital is a growing business, which means that it is important to have a pipeline of individuals who will be capable of running our technology and contracts. The programme is one of the ways we ensure that we always have a supply of potential future managers flowing through the business.

What are we looking for?
On this programme, it's your attitude and outlook more than your degree discipline that matters.

We are looking for people with a passion for customer service; people who want to work where work is travel; people with drive and ambition; people with technical skills and a technical brain; people who want to build teams and create a vision for others to follow; people who have an innovative way of doing things; people who understand the importance of the commercial viability of their plans. We are looking for people who will help us grow our organisation further and take it from strength to strength.

What we are looking for: If you fit this profile and are a proactive self-starter, ambitious, driven, personable and full of energy and enthusiasm to create opportunities and question the accepted this programme is for you. You need the following to apply;

Some relevant business work experience
Fully geographically mobile
Proven extra-curricular achievements relevant to Orbital
Creative thinking and commercial acumen
Drive and ambition
Good communication and rapport building skills

Work Experience Opportunities »

Orbital Sound prides itself on the ability to excite and inspire people about the sound industry.

Whether your still in education, just starting out or would like a career change, volunteering at Orbital can give you the opportunity to gain practical experience and crucial understanding into a working environment.

Through our training, experience and further education our students can progress into full time employment in this exciting industry.

Please send your CV and Ideal dates to the email address above.

Freelance Sound Engineers »

We are always on the look out for freelance engineers, riggers and operators to staff our varied productions.

If you are someone we already know and want to advise us of your availability, or if you are someone new to us and are seeking freelance work, please e-mail us your details to the address above.

* Freelancers must be correctly registered with UK Inland Revenue to comply. Click here to find out more....

* Please also view our Freelance Employment & Payment Policy.

Theatre Sound Operators needed »

We're looking for Sound Operators. Unfortunately however, not just looking for any sound operators. We want the best. We want the best of the best.

That doesn't mean we want the oldest, most cynical, most experienced people in the industry. No. far far more importantly we want enthusiasm, we want drive, we want intelligence and future commitment to your craft.

At Orbital we're looking for Sound Operators who can get on with people, sound engineers who can work as part of a team, and sound persons who aren't afraid of really really hard work.

Ooh, and good electronics and computer understanding would be a bonus too ......

If this is you then don't stop, don't pass go, don't collect two hundred pounds, just click on the link above and get in touch with us ...

* Freelancers must be correctly registered with UK Inland Revenue to comply. Click here to find out more....

* Please also view our Freelance Employment & Payment Policy.