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Nexo - Footloose and Fancy sound
Compact yet extremely Powerful
Based on the 1980s hit film that took the world by storm, Footloose the musical sensation returns to the UK stage in a remastered show with sound design by award winning designer Chris Whybrow. Starring Maureen Nolan and Gareth Gates, the nine month tour kicks off in January at the Spa in Bridlington with week long runs along the way.

This intensive schedule means trucks arrive early at a venue on Monday mornings with a show to open that same evening and with this in mind the decision to take a compact, easy to rig, line array system was paramount. Enter the Nexo Geo M6.

Footloose is renowned for its explosive rock n roll music and so high SPL, headroom and clarity are order of the day with any sound system on this show. With this in mind and after a successful pantomime production using the same system under his belt Chris decided once again to use Nexo's revolutionary Geo M6 system for the Footloose tour.

Being a true line array GEO M6 utilises NEXO's patented Hyperbolic Reflective Wavesource to control acoustic energy by creating a virtual wavesource 'outside the box', resulting in optimal wavesource coupling without destructive interference. In practice what this means is the frequency response of the cabinets is very constant, resulting in increased gain before feedback and exceptionally smooth response across the whole auditorium.

Hung in arrays of 12 cabinets, including the M6B bass cabinet adding extra warmth to the system, the Geo M6 packs down into 6 small flightcases and allows the flying frame to remain in place on the array, the cases also contain all of the rigging required to fly the system in any situation from ground stacking up to flying a full 12 cabinets per side an essential 'toolbox' to have on a tour of this type taking in many varied types of venue requiring different set ups almost every week.

And yet this compact system still has the ability to deliver SPL's in the upper 90's at the rear of the auditorium when required. System control is via Nexo NXAMP4X1 powered controllers, remote controlled via their NeMo software. Also being used are the new Nexo ID24 compact systems used as high power front fills and a pair of Nexo PS15R2 full range cabinets as stage monitors. Consoles are a pair of DigiCo SD8's with Shure UR1M radio mics with dpa mics and Shure PSM1000 IEM's.
NEXO GEO M6 hang
Nexo Geo M6 array

Hung in arrays of 12 cabinets, including the M6B bass cabinet adding extra warmth to the system, the Geo M6 packs down into 6 small flight cases.