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CSC - tRemote App

The iOS app 'tRemote' (short for Trigger List Remote), is a mobile application designed to remotely connect to a computer running CSC and allow sync of one of CSCs 4 trigger lists.

CSC tRemote App provides a remote view of the events in the list, and also keeps the current list position synchronised between the iDevice (iPhone, iPod or iPad) and host machine. List standby position can be changed by tapping on the remote view which makes the application a perfect way to allow remote cueing in situations such as MD-controlled click and backing tracks in theatrical shows. The app can also be used to relay remote alert notifications to an operator at the host, fire the selected trigger list, and also configure a second trigger list to be fired using the application's "Stop" button.

A perfect solution to MDs asking what track they are on! by TdcistA
Excellent stuff
Very useful, a great app to support csc - well done Richie by Lxdesign101
Fantastic app!!!
A must for all CSC users using click tracks. Cool app, very useful! by jmw

CSC Remote Options:

CSC can be controlled a variety of ways, from keyboard and on-screen mouse clicks, to industry standard MIDI commands.



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 » Remotely view a CSC trigger list without the need for screen splits, video extension cables and adapters
 » Control the position of the trigger list to jump around playback events during a rehearsal period
 » Fire trigger list events directly from the app
 » Configurable stop event to halt/fade out current playback
 » iPad and iPhone compatible for variety of size options
 » Lockable interactive list to prevent accidental taps and position changes
 » Send visual operator alert to main desktop application in case of problems
 » Easy connect and auto-reconnect technology in case of network or wifi issues

 » Remote Click track management system for Musical Director or Band leader
 » Additional Cue trigger for Stage Management or backstage crew
 » Control Sound Check cues for system maintenance and fit up
 » Trigger events for interactive displays and demos