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Positioned at the very heart of d&b's system approach, the D12 and D6 amplifiers both use Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to provide loudspeaker configurations and sophisticated protection circuits. They have user definable 4-band equalizers, a digital delay capability of up to 340 msec and 220 msec respectively and a signal generator offering pink noise or sine wave program for test and alignment purposes. Both amplifiers utilize switch mode power supplies with overvoltage protection. The D12 has both analog and AES/EBU digital signal inputs, and the digital elements of the amplifier are specified and constructed to achieve audio performance meeting, or exceeding, that of analog devices.

D12 amplifier
D12 amplifier

The D12 amplifier is a two channel power amplifier developed and manufactured by d&b utilizing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to incorporate loudspeaker specific configuration information and functions. It is designed for use with d&b loudspeakers, has both digital and analog signal inputs as well as link outputs, remote control and monitoring capabilities and a switch mode power supply. The level control incorporates a digital rotary encoder enabling selection of all operating modes in conjunction with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
User definable equalization and delay functions are incorporated in each channel of the D12 and can be used for applications, such as front fills, or under balcony delays, without the need for external processors. The 4-band parametric equalizer provides optional Boost/Cut or Notch filtering and the signal delay capability allows delay settings of up to 340 msec. (= 100 m/328 ft) to be applied independently to either channel. A signal generator offering pink noise or sine wave program is also incorporated for test and alignment purposes. Each unit can be given a unique Device Name to simplify identification and a password protected LOCK function is also incorporated to inhibit unauthorized set up changes.


 » User friendly
 » Reliable
 » Remote Operation & Monitoring
 » Light weight
 » Built in Eq & Delay
 » Flexible
 » EIC 60489 (Sound systems for emergency purposes) Compliant
 » 5 year guarantee
 » Network capabilities
 » Switch mode power supply

 » Theatre
 » Conference
 » Cinema
 » Rock n Roll
 » Live Event
 » Theme Parks
 » Houses of Worship
 » Hire Companies
 » Leisure Facilities
 » Voice Evacuation
 » Stadiums
 » Bars/Clubs/Restaurants

The d&b System philosophy to make the highest quality loudspeakers and amplifiers has kept them at the top of their league for many years. The brand is now stronger than ever and will give every owner a pleasurable experience.