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20 Years UK Partner Experience
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Orbital has 20 years of experience as a leading d&b audiotechnik UK Sales and Installation Partner, resulting in unparalleled product knowledge that brings you the best possible result and fastidious attention to detail.

d&b audiotechnik has been developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality products for reinforcement of speech and music systems since 1981. d&b's loudspeakers are used globally in rental and installation markets for events, multimedia, musicals, concert halls, theatres, opera houses, stadiums, broadcast and the smallest conference room. The d&b system concept maintains that only integrated systems can guarantee acoustic and mechanical compatibility, a d&b system is therefore not just the loudspeaker cabinet, it actually consists of three components - amplifier technology, loudspeakers and practical, easy to use mechanical and electronic accessories. With d&b's electronics you can rely on amplification, loudspeaker management, protection circuits and an interface for remote control and monitoring of complete systems.

Black Range

The Black range has a focus on performance applications requiring maximum flexibility, versatility and speed of deployment, especially when mobility is a key factor. d&b systems have been used globally for many years in both mobile and installed situations to fulfill performance requirements, or more specifically, the technical demands of artists, performers and presenters. The Black product range covers a spectrum of technologies and sizes ranging from the C-Series horn loaded point source loudspeakers, the diminutive E-Series point source loudspeakers, the J-Series large line array, the Q-Series medium line array, T-Series small line array and point source, right through to Stage monitors. The Black range also caters for deployment in fixed installations with special options and versions engineered for these situations. The D6 or D12 amplifiers not only provide power, but along with the d&b Remote network enable control and monitoring of a large number of system functions.


 » Even Frequency Response Across the Ranges
 » Easy to Set Up
 » Very Reliable
 » High Output To Size & Weight Ratio
 » Flexible Range
 » 5 year guarantee
 » Integrated System Design
 » Multi Functional Rigging
 » Precise Pattern Control
 » Colour & Water Resistant Options

 » Theatre
 » Conference
 » Cinema
 » Rock n Roll
 » Live Event
 » Theme Parks
 » Houses of Worship
 » Hire Companies
 » Leisure Facilities
 » Voice Evacuation
 » Stadiums
 » Bars/Clubs/Restaurants

The d&b System philosophy to make the highest quality loudspeakers and amplifiers has kept them at the top of their league for many years. The brand is now stronger than ever and will give every owner a pleasurable experience.