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» Sound Studio

Located in our London headquarters, the Orbital Studio Complex is fully equipped for all Vocal, Click Track and Sound Effects needs. The air conditioned facility includes a large acoustically treated vocal area, control room with client sofas etc, separate well-equipped and relaxing programming suite plus access to lounge and kitchen areas.

The control room features a comprehensive Pro Tools 10 HD system with Avid Control 24 surface feeding Genelec 1032A 7.1 surround monitors.

The choice of outboard equipment is immense, culled from Orbital's extensive warehouse-based rental stock, with standard fixtures including Avalon channel strips, Lexicon reverbs, Neumann microphones, and TL Audio valve preamps. Other multi-track options on hand include CSC, Nuendo, Qlab, Steinberg and Adobe Audition software solutions, as well as a fully functioning Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape machine as a reminder of the past!

The Orbital Sound studio has been specially designed for the recording and post production of theatre click tracks, sound effects and corporate soundscapes.

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