Orbital is a leading supplier and installer of high quality sound and communication systems building up a world-class portfolio of top brands over many years. 

We’re not box shifters - our culture is to look after you throughout the entire process from design through to delivery and thereafter providing you with the very best after sales support. That includes proper education, detailed training and making sure all your expectations have been met - way, way beyond when the warranty runs out.

At Orbital we have established a reputation for technical excellence and innovation at every level and installations form a major part of our regular activity, across a truly diverse range of projects, venue types and locations.   We offer a fully scalable range of options – from design consultancy, application support, product sourcing, installation, training and ongoing technical support. 

We work with architects, sound designers and end users to provide an optimum solution for your venue taking into account both technical and fiscal considerations underpinned by competitive pricing and outstanding after sales support.

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