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Located in our London headquarters, the Orbital Studio Complex is fully equipped for all Vocal, Click Track and Sound Effects needs. The air conditioned facility includes a large acoustically treated vocal area, control room with client sofas etc, separate well-equipped and relaxing programming suite plus access to lounge and kitchen areas.

The control room features a comprehensive Pro Tools 10 HD system with Avid Control 24 surface feeding Flare Audio S1 and Genelec 1032A 7.1 surround monitors.

The choice of outboard equipment is immense, culled from Orbital's extensive rental stock, with standard fixtures including Avalon channel strips, Lexicon reverbs, Neumann microphones, and TL Audio valve preamps. Other multi-track options on hand include CSC, Nuendo, Qlab, Steinberg and Adobe Audition software solutions, as well as a fully functioning Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape machine as a reminder of the past.

The Orbital Sound studio has been specially designed for the recording and post production of theatre click tracks, sound effects and corporate soundscapes.

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