The automatic AudioGuide

guidePORT represents the future of audioguide systems. Sennheiser have combined their fifty years of experience in radio and audio technology to produce a new and award-winning international product. Key features of guidePORT are high quality stereo audio, ease of use for visitors and staff alike. One of guidePORT's unique features is its ability to play audio automatically as the visitor approaches a particular area of interest. With no buttons to push, this automatic triggering leads to a more fluid and dynamic audio tour for the user.

A guidePORT system allows for up to 30 simultaneous tours. Children, adults and foreign language visitors can all be served by the same infrastructure, as can hearing impaired and visually impaired visitors. With the addition of the more info button on the receiver pack, visitors can find out more information about a particular subject area, allowing the tour to cope equally well with the enthusiast as the casual visitor.

Another unique feature of guidePORT is its ability to deal with real-time stereo audio sources from video or other audio-visual presentations. For example a visitor can approach a screen showing a video and hear the audio track in perfect lip-sync.

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