Guide Dogs For The Blind

Orbital transcribes Guide Dogs For The Blind exhibition with GuidePORT

Celebrating 75 years of guide dogs in the UK audio experts Orbital were appointed by London based Project Managers Populus UK to design and install the key integral audio guide element to The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association's new interactive exhibition called "Moving Forward Together". Featuring as the main element of a year of celebrations, marking 75 years of guide dogs in the UK, the showcase exhibition was launched on the Isle of Dogs, Museum in Docklands by David Blunkett MP.

Through a range of three-dimensional, touch sensitive and audio features, the history of guide dogs is brought to life, along with up to date information on current campaigns and services provided by the charity Guide Dogs. "Moving Forward Together" will tour shopping centres, airports and public spaces throughout the year. To enable blind and partially-sighted people to appreciate and understand every part of the exhibition, Howard Towl Managing Director of Populus UK collaborated with Orbital from the outset, ensuring that the system would translate the showcase, adding value and perfectly complementing its linear and graphic design.

Howard explained:
"I've worked with Orbital before and have integrated the guidePORT system with great success into many exhibits. We reviewed a range of options and for this project the system's unique and seamless qualities were the best way to allow accessibility for blind and partially sighted people".

As a highly emotive showcase, the voices of Sarah Williams and Peter Curtis were seamlessly integrated with sound FX to bring the exhibit to life aurally detailing colour, sights, texture and history through audio to the blind and partially sighted audience. Unlike conventional audio guides, which rely on buttons to navigate, the guidePORT system is a fully automatic audio delivery system that uniquely detects where the user is standing in relation to the exhibits and automatically delivers the appropriate soundtrack, therefore, as visitors move around the "Moving Forward Together" exhibition, they hear the relevant sound FX and commentary automatically.

To further enhance its interactivity, Orbital supplied the exhibition's AV infrastructure of plasma screens, hard disc and computer playback as well as the push button interactive audio sources. These soundtracks are also fed into the audio guide headphones, precisely as the visitor enters the appropriate zone.

Steve Billington Director of Fundraising & Marketing (Guide Dogs) commented:
"Guide Dogs is delighted with the audio guide system, which allows blind and partially sighted people to appreciate and engage with the "Moving Forward Together" exhibition. The Orbital AV system complements a range of three-dimensional, touch sensitive exhibits to bring alive the information for those with sight loss".

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