Orbital puts new d&b sound into Anna Valley

London-based corporate AV specialist Anna Valley Displays invests in large-scale d&b audiotechnik T-Series loudspeaker system

Taking advantage of the T-Series' ability to be configured as a point-source or line-array system, Anna Valley required a versatile solution to deploy across a range of corporate and event applications.

Anna Valley's new sound system comprises of twelve d&b audiotechnik T-10 loudspeakers, four B-4 SUBS and four D-6 amplifiers, and was specified to help address the company's market growth in the corporate sector.

Andrew Newport, project manager on Anna Valley's corporate events division, explained:
"We are seeing considerable growth in the corporate sector, and wanted an in-house solution that we could deploy quickly, with a high degree of versatility, to cover the broadest range of venues and applications. The T-Series from d&b audiotechnik successfully met our requirements � it's very powerful for its size, delivering excellent clarity and coverage from its unobtrusive footprint. The flexibility of its line-array or point-source configuration option was the deciding factor, and it's an ideal complement to the video side of our work. We can now satisfy our clients' requests efficiently and conveniently, without having to hire in extra kit. We have developed a good working relationship with Orbital over the last year or so - they have helped us out many times, and our purchase of the d&b audiotechnik system is a natural continuation of that relationship."

Anna Valley Displays is part of the Shooting Partners Group, which has a twenty-year background in the broadcast and entertainment industries, and specialises in large-format LED and projection work. The Group also has an installation division, which has carried out television studio installations in the UK and abroad, including projects for the BBC, Sky Sport and Sky News.

Since acquiring the new system, Anna Valley has deployed the loudspeakers at a number of press launches, including a project for Sky to promote the new season of the television show Veep. At this event, held in a garden setting, Andrew Newport configured the front-of-house system with six T-10s per side, arranged as 2 x 3 clusters in line-array format. These were mounted above the B-4 SUBS, while two clusters of two T-10 units were deployed as delays.