Nemesis Research launches InSight application

The essential download for every audio engineer.

Combining the power of dedicated monitor hardware with the portability of your laptop bag, InSight by Nemesis Audio is an essential download for every audio engineer.

Available for Windows and macOS, InSight utilises the power of your soundcard to monitor audio channels in real-time for fault diagnosis or line checking. When combined with technology such as Dante Virtual Soundcard by Audinate® the application transforms your workhorse laptop into a flexible network audio monitor.

Simplicity is at the heart of InSight, allowing the user to specify an audio interface, create a set of monitor channels and design custom pages of stylable 'buttons' - perfect for use on a touchscreen - to select any of the channels to listen to. Input level metering is displayed per button to provide quick visual feedback of all channels at a glance.

Trim adjustment per channel allows any gain offsets to be compensated for to provide a consistent monitor environment. Groups of channels can also be added to monitor sections of a performance at a time, with the option to pan specific channels to listen in on specific detail.

* The "must have tool" for every audio engineer's laptop
* Audio monitoring application for your digital or analogue audio I/O
* Monitor individual or multiple channels
* Pair with Audinate DVS for powerful DANTE network monitoring
* Multiple applications including cost-effective multi-channel radio microphone audio monitoring
* Custom pages for fast access to frequently used channels
* Visual picture channel icons
* Easy to use touchscreen interface
* Channel capacity limited only by your sound card
* macOS and Windows compatible

The "must have tool" for every audio engineer's laptop