From Drive-In Audio to In-Car Food & Beverage Delivery

OrderBoard is the Latest Dynamic Addition to Orbital's Car-Link Series

Orbital Sound has launched an important new product stream with its new Food & Beverage (F&B) delivery platform OrderBoard - building on its success in the Drive-In market with the Car-Link Retail wireless in-car audio and information system. Recognising the need for an innovative next generation F&B ordering and delivery solution, Orbital Sound's development team has created a new platform that overcomes the unique challenges of the live and entertainment low signal level environments.

OrderBoard, part of the Car-Link Technology suite of products, is designed to overcome address the limitations of remote location infrastructures, handling contactless payments, F&B kitchen orders, delivery, stock control and reporting in a fast, reliable and powerful data-efficient package.

As the live events industry focuses on re-inventing itself in the current environment, OrderBoard provides a novel solution to F&B delivery, directly addressing the all-important Covid compliance and secure socially-distanced operation. It delivers comprehensive F&B point of sale performance, kitchen management and seamless communication, to provide support for multiple, simultaneous vendors and sites. OrderBoard incorporates extensive functionality, including real-time processing cue indicators, order tracking, stock & financial reporting and one-touch customer texting, in a fast, reliable and powerful F&B solution, on customer's smartphones and the well-established Car-Link Retail in-car system touch screen..

MD Chris Headlam believes that this is just the start for event F&B ordering. "The addition of the OrderBoard software takes the whole customer experience to a new level. Developing OrderBoard was our response to the well-documented challenges faced by the festival & live industry to give a contactless ordering system that was possible in a remote environment. We picked up the gauntlet earlier this year, and have had an outstanding response to the Car-Link Retail's capabilities. So much so that we are now expanding into Houses of Worship with our "Donate" facility, and also excitingly into the corporate and live spaces. We recently conducted a series of events with the AA, implementing the full OrderBoard package in conjunction with Car-Link Retail - tailored to provide corporate information, ordering and feedback direct to the AA and their website via the Car-Link Retail touchscreen. As part of the AA's recent "Getaway" campaign, customers were provided with fully sanitised and customised Car-Link units using OrderBoard technology, delivering dynamic corporate messaging with all the facilities needed to enjoy a great night out. Since launching Car-Link in June, we have accelerated our development process in response to demand, and believe this is just the start. OrderBoard is the next logical next step and we are already very excited at the market attention and traction it is attracting".

OrderBoard is already providing its value in the field, as Sean Welsh, Operators Manager for The Luna Cinema, confirms: "Working with Orbital and OrderBoard has been incredibly helpful to our business. We are able to offer a great customer experience and also improve our operations on the ground, maximise our profitability and focus on other aspects of the company. OrderBoard has been able to do everything we need to deliver a Covid-safe food and beverage offering. A really great and important complement to the whole Car-Link concept."

OrderBoard is the Latest Dynamic Addition to Orbital's Car-Link Series

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