Ready For The New Tomorrow

Perfectly Aligned - our 4 Brands

We've had a bit of unexpected time on our hands over the last year. At Orbital it's gifted us a rare and valuable chance to take stock, "revisit our roots" and to remember why we love doing what we do.

After lots of brainstorming, creative thinking and physical construction work, we are proud to unveil our vision of the future. Four complementary brands bound by a common thread - a passion for innovation. All underpinned by one team, working together to link all of our activities. And an inspirational new physical space where we can all connect.

Orbital SoundOrbital Sound - providing the overarching structure and bedrock. A world leader in theatrical sound since 1993.
Nemesis ResearchNemesis Research - providing the core innovation powerhouse to generate agile, exciting new technologies and products
Car Link TechnologyCar-Link Technology - a game-changer for drive-in entertainment
OrderBoard Live
OrderBoard - our complete event EPoS management system

The line-up is all about our essential ethos - a commitment to great service, building the future through best practices, developing new ideas that our customers actually need and want. And one other important ingredient: giving all of us the creative environment in which we can thrive individually and collectively.

Space for Innovation

We've also completely reinventing our physical environment and are immensely proud to introduce "The Bridge Bar". A physical symbol of everything that we are about, a dynamic link between all the different elements of our business.

The Bridge stands out for its architectural beauty and modernistic style. It creates a dynamic space that inspires creativity, brings people together and encourages interaction. Somewhere to relax, to brainstorm, to debate! It's our very own version of the local pub, which we have all missed so much. During some challenging months, building The Bridge gave us a tangible reminder of how we wanted to approach the future. It's perhaps a bit of serendipity that our first mega musical being prepped after so many months of West End dormancy is "Back to the Future" using The Bridge for the first time.

The future may look very different for everyone at the moment, but it's a difference that we are enthusiastically embracing. We're ready for the new tomorrow, whatever form it takes!

The future may look very different, but it's a difference that we are enthusiastically embracing. We’re ready for the new tomorrow, whatever form it takes!

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