Nemesis Research releases the OSCA range - unlocking the power of OSC

A gamechanger for show control

OSCA from Nemesis Research is a pioneering development, unlocking the massive power of OSC's interoperability, accuracy and flexibility. The OSCA range delivers easy-to-use options for controlling multiple devices such as lighting consoles or rigging motors, sound desks or video software, removing the need for high-cost central servers or complex show control infrastructures whilst adding the ability to manually trigger events from multiple locations and control non-OSC equipped devises via contact closure.

The first two products in the OSCA series are:

OSCA-R5 5-Way OSC Programmable Button Box featuring five IP67 rated buttons that can be easily programmed to execute a huge range of OSC commands through simple programming of the onboard interface. Multiple OSCA-R5 button units can be deployed on a single OSC network, allowing complex and creative control scenarios to be achieved in a robust and coherent fashion. Hundreds of applications include controlling 3rd Party products like Q-Lab, ETC EOS lighting consoles, d&b Soundscape, OSC equipped mixing consoles and Yamaha's new DME7.

OSCA-O4 4-Channel OSC Relay Output Box a multiple command destination show control solution that features OSC Network input, POE or 5v DC powering and four independent "volt free" relays. It enables control of devices that require a simple contact closure to activate commands by converting the OSC command to relay close, relay open, or momentary action. Applications range from sending commands to the GPI input of non-OSC equipped mixing consoles to opening a door lock, boiling a kettle, triggering a Kabuki drop or mechanical automation control.

OSCA is incredibly easy to program - simply plug it into your laptop, type in the IP address and a simple but powerful user interface takes you through all the steps. If the OSCA OSC network is connected to the internet remote programming and triggering is possible via VPN, together with system updates and future upgrades.

June 2023

OSCA is a brand new generation of hardware capable of giving designers, technical departments and stage-management simple and above all complete access to OSC’s capabilities

The OSCA range from Nemesis Research
OSCA-R5 5-Way OSC Programmable Button Box
OSCA-R5 PRO Upgrade
OSCA-O4 4-Channel OSC Relay Output Box
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