Orbital creates Training Plus

We're taking our training program to the next level

The last twelve months has been fantastic for our training division. Years of investment in time and attention to detail, building on the course content and analysing what skills are really required has rewarded scores of students from many different continents and walks life.

Orbital's training is truly remarkable and unique. It stands out because it's sole focus is on empowering individuals without any ulterior motives or hidden agendas. The training program is solely dedicated to sharing invaluable hands-on skills acquired through years of real-life experiences. By imparting this knowledge, Orbital aims to elevate the skills of others, enabling them to progress and thrive.

With Training Plus we are proud to announce we are taking this initiative to the next level, giving skills education its own identity to facilitate future expansion.

With Training Plus we are rolling out even more courses and importantly recreating our hands-on training environment in other cities to facilitate more students from local theatres, performance arts centres, secondary and higher education, as well as those who are self-employed.

We have big plans for Training Plus, including an exclusive online portal allowing students to contribute and grow the community, aid their further employment, gain more industry knowledge and attend social events.

We have a great mixture of students on every course. Some have travelled thousands of miles, some are currently working in a performance venue and want to up their skill level, some have never worked in theatre sound before but have the appetite and enthusiasm to develop a career. Training Plus is marvellous environment and with Training Plus visiting Edinburgh twice in July and again in October we look forward to expanding our activities and giving others opportunities they would not otherwise have.


May 2023

"I cannot thank the Orbital education team enough. The two days I spent on Mixing For Musicals was fantastic. I learned so much - having the opportunity to recreate and practice the mix of a popular musical was just one highlight - the line-by-line skills were enlightening and the whole thing was really well put together"

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