The Phantom Returns

Two mesmerising tales, one iconic composer.

We're thrilled to support and strengthen the return of Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies on their international tours.

From the haunting depths of the Paris Opera House to the captivating sequel set in Manhattan, Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpieces continue to enthral audiences worldwide.

We are delighted to be working again with two of the world’s most talented sound designers, Mick Potter and Adam Fisher. Over the years we have encountered Phantom in many places, each time it is a really big spectacle to mount, immense attention to detail and the highest of production values. Love Never Dies is no different, a huge beast in it’s own right.

The LND project was rescheduled many times due to Covid, but eventually the window was clear for this classy tour to open in Shanghai, China - the next obstacle being a brand new theatre. As Orbital’s Production Sound Engineer Dan Bailey discovered, that means a whole host of added complication - some solved with a very large concrete drill, others solved through determination and countless late nights. Communication to the team on site is not as easy as it used to be - the last few years have seen significant restrictions of the internet and all that goes with it - but sound designer Mick Potter and his associate Emma James have got the sizeable Meyer Leopard based system and Andrew Lloyd Webber's score sounding fantastic, as they always do. Consoles are DiGiCo with Shure Axient supplying the RF.

4,526 miles away and at the same time, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia sound designer Adam Fisher and production engineer James Melling are staging Phantom Of The Opera, but again this is not a normal journey. This Phantom tour is designed to play in multiple venues that include stadium arenas, the set is a massive structure in itself, self-contained and self-supporting, thus independent of the traditional theatre facilities. The core elements of Phantom shine through - immense orchestral scores beautifully projected by sizeable d&b line arrays, again with DiGiCo consoles and Axient RF.

These teams have worked really hard for months on these world class productions - class acts in themselves.

September 2023