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The story of Car-Link Technology

Car-Link was created to address the specific challenges of delivering consistently excellent in-car audio, overcoming the myriad issues associated with reproducing modern movie soundtracks and live music performances without compromise in the growing Drive-In market. And that was the brief we gave to our development team.

We recognised that the industry was breaking a fundamental rule: the responsibility of safely delivering the sound to the paying public had been moved from the organiser to the audience itself. Our phone was ringing constantly for better solutions to this hazardous situation, and we knew we had to pick up the design gauntlet. So the Car-Link concept was born with the brief to build our own self powered, stereo, wireless in-car speaker with true clarity of sound, that would work reliably day-in day-out, and for at least 12 hours on a battery charge. It also had to look great, compliment a car's design, and be completely "public proof".

The first model was launched in June as Car-Link Carbon, coupled with Orbital Sound's own long range RF distribution system, and was rolled out successfully at events hosting up to 500 vehicles. The system is designed to deliver charging, distribution and storage from a fully integrated system of 70-bay wheeled cases, simply requiring a single power feed to provide 70 automatically recharged units ready to be handed out with ease.

The Car-Link Retail takes the platform to another level. At Orbital Sound we have embraced the opportunity to move forwards and re-invent. Car-Link Retail pushes the industry forwards in a wholly positive direction, opening up new opportunities for promoters and organisers, and importantly, when teamed up with the Retail's onboard screen and software, creating valuable new revenue streams while enhancing visitor experiences. We wanted to change the convention of in-car audio, and that's been our design motivation.

In-car F&B ordering, advertising, donating underpinned by contactless payments are integrated, with more new products coming out soon. We are already working with big brands such as the AA, Luna Cinema and the Drive-in Place-Of-Worship market, as demand to find new solutions to deliver safe, secure entertainment escalates. Car-Link has already proved to be a game-changer as Drive-in provides a beacon of light in what are otherwise very dark times for the entertainment industry.

Car-Link Retail's onboard screen and software creates valuable new revenue streams for the Event promotor

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