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OrderBoard - The only Contactless F&B system designed specifically for the Live Event industry

In less than 12 months, OrderBoard has clocked up over a quarter of a million transactions in the height of a pandemic with live events in shutdown! That speaks for itself!

We designed the only contactless F&B system that ticks all the boxes for the live event industry putting our collective years of experience into something functionally unique.

We had some valuable time to expend on researching the festival market and thinking about what was missing. The result was a platform that translated a long wish list of detailed requirements into an exciting new F&B system. Pre-ordering, multiple delivery or collection points, instantaneous text messaging it's all part of OrderBoard!

Multiple catering suppliers that need to be organised and presented coherently to the public - check! Always ensure the promoter's brand is prominently displayed - check! OrderBoard has it all well and truly covered.

OrderBoard has racked up a 10 out of 10 customer rating, underlining just how much customers love the fast service times, super-easy transactions and no-nonsense ordering! Forget app downloads, log-ins or any barriers to a great customer experience!

And what about profitability? Sales volumes jump significantly with significantly reduced service times. Add OrderBoard's sophisticated up-selling eMenu features for tangibly increased profit margins. Plus decreased overheads thanks to tighter and more efficient staff management. It's a real win-win!

With OrderBoard, nothing stands still! We've just introduced Version 3 of the back-stage portal, making it even easier to create, organise and monitor multiple events at the same time. Thanks to this great new feature, OrderBoard is all set to go out on tour for the first time this summer.

And there's more. Thanks to the integrity and flexibility of the OrderBoard platform, our development team has been commissioned to design bespoke features specifically tailored for a number of high-profile installed customers. But more of that news shortly!

OrderBoard excelled at our hugely successful client drive-in events and helped us to offer audiences an easy to use, stress free service, bringing food and drink straight to the car. I would highly recommend!
Zoe Snow - Director - Gary Beestone Events & Theatre

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